Saturday, June 25, 2011

Photograph Prose - Poem 'The Whisperings'

Some of you will have heard of Photograph Prose, but for those that haven't, it is a great web site where images by creative photographers are linked up with prose and poetry submissions.

My poem 'The Whisperings' was linked with a wonderful image by Hazel Suttill, check image & poem out here @


Have you heard the whisperings?
The doubts and uncertainties that seep and soak,
visiting at unexpected hours,
like in the dead of night,

or just before you take a chance,

Having a language all their own,
one that charms your ear, in silence and in noise,
leaning to the dark, clawing at belief,
with a subtlety of self,
that fools the pupil it knows best.

A sombre thought indeed, that our biggest critic hides within us all,
who consumes with glee and skill of viciousness,
turning us into mere shadows of ourselves,
by slash of minor beliefs, or pride,
enthusiastic wonders that bring a smile,

Hinting one might achieve,
a small or soft or great,
or even gentle murmuring,
that would gather in arms of strength,
harnessing against the dark whisperings of self.

For revenge of this critic is perhaps the sweetest of them all,
for in it lies the secret of success,
think hard how foolish he or she might seem,
if you were not taken by their spell of doubt,
but rather silenced,

The one most feared,
who knows us far too well and yet not at all.

Visit Photograph Prose HERE  , and have a look at the current images available and see if any of them inspire you to write accompanying words!



  1. Ran right over, so to speak. Gorgeous photograph & I adored your poem. Thank you.

  2. I love Photograph Prose. Congrats!!

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  4. Nice job, Louise. I love the idea of using photographs as writing prompts. Maybe I should give it a whirl :-)

  5. Really nice writing!

    Now I am off to check out the site. :-)

  6. Absolutely Derek, glad u r off to check out d site Susannah.


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