Monday, June 6, 2011

Discovery Bank Holiday

Exhausting Bank Holiday Weekend, tons of stuff to catch up on, lots of gardening work to do, a family birthday party at our place yesterday, a sit down 4 course affair, a new book to start 'The hand that first held mine' by Maggie O Farrell, a short story to finish, and last but not least, editing work on the novel.  So yes, I was busy, but despite this, today took some unusual twists which led to a few discoveries, not the beer cans below, they belong to Son & Co.

Building up stocks for Oxegen - Tesco €1 Per Can Saturday!

Anyhow, first discovery was that we have about a dozen blueberry trees out back.  Now you would think that these should have been pretty obvious, but not when you consider that most of out back is a bit on the wild side! A lot of earth clearing and general let's get this outside place into some kind of shape, finally brought my attention to a number of smaller trees within the jungle, and that was when I discovered the tiny blueberries, currently green adding to their desire to be invisible.  So this bank holiday Monday morning, I was well pleased with my first discovery, I even managed to get a great recipe off the Internet for blueberry jam!

Blueberries in their June green disguise.
All this adventuring was thirsty work, so it was soon time for my caffeine fix.  The birds were feeding like mad outside the kitchen window therefore grabbing my interest, when I noticed a new bird.  By new bird, I mean a particular type of bird.  After studying the new creature, (well creatures because there were about four of them for ages) I checked my book on Garden Birds, only to discover that we now had tree sparrows!  A species found in less than one per cent of Irish Gardens.  Well, I was delighted to discover Number 45 in the range of garden birds, because between them and the blueberries, things were certainly looking up.

Thus, having sat on my rear end for a really long time, feeling rather special with my Blueberries and the discovery that the Tree Sparrow had chosen our little piece of earth, we brought our mad dog off for a drive and very long walk to the Bohernabreena Reservoir. 

Benson chilling

The day was a lot brighter than yesterday, and the walk being a long one meant Benson was getting pretty thirsty, so we headed up to a stream that he likes to bathe in.  When we got there we were surprised at how low the water was.  However, the low water meant that we could cross over on the stones where normally you would get wet up to your knees.  When we got to the other side, we found a part of the park/reservoir that we had not been in before, thereby getting our third and final discovery (well so far!), on this bank holiday Monday.

Hidden Gem.

All in all, it was a great day, I even got some writing done in between adventures and my unhealthy new interest in Twitter!

By the way, please, please join me on Twitter, I am great fun altogether!


  1. thanks for the post about your Ireland! love it. I like the way you have done the pics with the writing on white under the photo. I use picnik and it doesn't seem to have that facility.

  2. Thanks Geraline, hope you had a great weekend too.

  3. What a result of a day. Particularly the blueberries - can't be beat. There is a large blueberry patch up the road and up the river a bit, and it's great at harvesting time. Muffins galore!
    Nope, I'm not going down the twitter line. That way danger could well lie for me...

  4. Blueberries deffo the best bit, and as for Twitter, you may well be very right!

  5. Thanks for the lovely photos, you make me want to do my bank holiday weekend over!

  6. Seems like a long time ago now!

  7. ha! now you know why I don't tweet any more! I find the blogging takes up more than enough time!


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