Friday, September 16, 2011

120 Socks Wilderness Adventure!

Gosh it seems like so long ago now, but our trip into the wilderness was only last week.  We had a great break, lots of fresh air, mountain and forest walks and we found a beautiful place to stay in the Glen of Aherlow, Co Tipperary.  It is truly a most wondrous part of Ireland, and one which I am really glad I visited.  I had hoped to do a long post covering our adventures, including some interesting people we met along the way, fab shopkeepers, and potters, and general great characters, but alas for now, I will just give you the pics taken during our forest walks, and a short myth (love these old stories) about Lake Muskry.

But before I give you the photos, just to say there are numerous forest walks you can take when visiting the area, all well signposted with length, incline, time required etc.  Mr Socks has always been a man in a hurry, so we tended to do 1hr walks in half an hour, and 4 hour walks in 2hrs - but sure what can you do.  I did give him the lecture about how it doesn't matter how long it takes, it's how you travel the path, which I repeated every time I stopped to take a photo, but we still managed to travel them far too fast in my opinion. 

The last walk to Lake Muskry was difficult enough, reaching 1,614 feet above sea level, and a pretty dodgy pathway with stones more like boulders than anything else,  but sure you can see the pics below (including Mr Socks miles into the distance).

Here's hoping my virus/cold will soon be no more, and I can get back to normality, but in the meantime, pictures are always good to look at!

Legend about Lake Muskry
Lake Muskry was formerly known as Lough Beal Sead (lake of the jewel mouth).  The legend tells that the lake was once the home of beautiful maidens who every second year were metamorphosised into birds, one becoming the most beautiful in the world.  To mark her pre-eminence she was allowed to wear a golden necklace which had a sparkling Jewel set in it, hence the name Lough Beal Sead.


  1. So beautiful! I really have to visit some day...thanks for posting these excellent shots!

  2. wonderful shots, fantastic colours 7th pic down is a stand out pic, i'm jealous of that one particular.
    photographs are "frozen moments in time"

  3. Absolutely breathtaking!
    Makes me want to go there tomorrow.
    Can't wait to read the account of your trip.


  4. Just gorgeous! It was the sixth and the seventh for me - must be having a tree moment.
    Love the fast husband tale - oh yes, I know...

    And get well soon!

  5. Stunning photographs, and Lake of the jewel mouth...that's just gorgeous..I love that myth about the transformation - (birds wiv bling!)
    I have to go there. We'll say a prayer for your fast husband:)

  6. Coughing and barking thanks - glad u all liked them and hope u can all see Mr Socks in his blue jacket in photo 14! Still love him though!

  7. The emerald isle... so very beautiful... thanks for letting me live vicariously through you.

    Hope you feel better soon.

  8. Thanks laurie and thanks for following:)


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