Sunday, September 18, 2011

The Pied Piper - Magpie Prompt Week 83

The Snake Charmer - Henri Rousseau 1907

This week's Magpie prompt from Tess Kincaid is the image of The Snake Charmer above, and it certainly is an interesting one, so I'm really looking forward to reading other contributors HERE . 

My contribution this week is a poem called 'The Pied Piper'.

The Pied Piper

He met love one day on a bus going into town,
then later on a pair of legs ‘gorgeous they were’.
He flirted with it in a story masked by an unusual blond,
while lamenting it’s loss in his babysitter’s kiss.

Something in my voice he said dragged him in,
witch-crafted words laced in lovingness,
him watching over with eyes of one possessed,
confessing secrets in waves of tenderness.

Like the perfume maker he sought obsessed,
himself lost within the lost things,
deftly playing the pied piper’s tune,
chasing love’s lost dream in raw recklessness.

He told me once that he did care,
that dreams were things worth risking for,
that daring held some sweet gift of pride,
and fragmented pieces hover teasing to explore.

But my favourite song he did not know,
was all about the broken things,
was it within broken things that we belonged,
shattered pieces doomed to fall.

For he must have known only madness loomed,
that what he sought could not rest here,
that here was where it all must end,
buried deep, like all would-be lover’s cruel recall.


  1. witch-crafted words laced in lovingness,
    him watching over with eyes of one possessed,
    confessing secrets in waves of tenderness.

    so many lovely lines, well done.

  2. The perfume maker conjures images of that movie "Perfume"...exotic...nice write...

  3. Ships that pass in the night, or briefly graze each other's hulls.
    We do waste a lot of time on what might have been, you and the lost piper, but that is how we are, poets especially! Many images of loss here, makes me think of sad endings, as you intended.

  4. Gosh thanks guys - I worried a bit about all the ess sounds, so glad to hear they worked okay. Your positive comments are really appreciated:)

  5. I agree with all that has been said. We can not know if the one we randomly come across will remain, but we also know even in our loss there are those who should not remain...I like this one a lot. It made me reflect on my own chance encounters.

  6. Made me reflect too Louise. All those lost loves and what might have been.

    Love the fourth stanza - how easy we believe what we want to hear.

    Looking back, I wouldn't change a thing as all chance encounters led me to the path I happily walk down today.

    Anna :o]

  7. Thanks Susie & Anna - yes the fourth stanza is one I really like too Anna - Will check u out on Twitter Susie:)

  8. original and pleasing response to the prompt

  9. "...chasing love’s lost dream in raw recklessness..." Yet, there are times when the piper's tune is totally irresistible.

  10. Besotted was he? :)
    "that daring held some sweet gift of pride" I
    Loved it!

  11. Very moving. Feeling a bit tear-jerky.

  12. Hi Erratic thoughts - isn't it all a mix of being besotted? Thanks for having a read:)

    Caren - didn't mean to bring u down an emotional tear-jerker, especially on a Monday morning!

  13. Louise, I really enjoyed your piper's poem. Lost loves ... I imagine we all have at least one.

  14. Loved the hiss provided by the ess s. Thank you for my favorite kind of tale - romantic, tragic.
    well done.

  15. very well spun...some very nice word play in there that left me smiling...and yes i think we all in some way have loves lost...mostly for the better i imagine...i know mine taught me a thing or two...smiles.

  16. Thanks Helen, Sean & Brian - lost loves - guess we wouldn't be human without them:)

  17. A lot of life in this lyrical piece - very nice read!

  18. In love with love..where it must all end...exceptionally fine.

  19. I almost missed your magpie this week!
    Loved the second verse, its where the poem really lifts off for me, with the magic line -Something in my voice he said dragged him in, and I think the ssess lace it with a forboding, an ominous seduction.

  20. Sad and regretful. Very enjoyable read. Thanks for sharing.

  21. There's a tale to make us ponder. Well told and a magpie worth its salt.

  22. loved all the "esses"......crafty smart poem

  23. You had absolutely no need tow worry about the ess sounds which work well - great read


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