Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Poetry Bus Poem - Across The Valley

Very interesting prompts for the bus this week from Danabug. I finally settled on the 2nd one because I consider myself lucky to live in a place that I love. 

'Write about the place you dream of living some day. Or if you're lucky enough to already live there write about home.'

 (photo of the hills and valley behind our home)

Across The Valley

Home for me is when I see the birds swoop across the valley,
Home for me is the change of seasons, surprise sunsets,
Home for me is time with family,
curled-up love that keeps us real,

The kind that feels tight deep to the core,
The kind that makes me brave, less afraid,
The kind that bring tears when pained,
that makes me whole for,

We are  there when we cherish those we love,
We are there when we support a friend in need,
We are  there when the world around us seems to fall,
when we stand tall,

And care,
And breath,
And help,
And share,

The many facets of ourselves,
The many troubles of those that touch our hearts,
The many tiny things that make us who we are,
The many birds that swoop across the valley.


  1. Love the way the start loops to the end like embracing arms. Fablo!

  2. You do live in a gorgeous place! I picked the same prompt - mine is not as broad as yours. I really like the definitions of home in yours - home is where you heal the world. Nice!

  3. I love the last line - lovely stuff.

    Cold up there this morning I'd say?!

  4. Thanks TFE, you are quick off the mark this week!
    Hi Bug, glad you picked the same prompt, looking forward to reading yours.
    And Niamh thanks too, and yes it is cold up here this morning, white grass everywhere!!

  5. Are we all going to go for this prompt? Possibly...

  6. Hi Rachel, I'd say it will be popular! It just took my mood, once an idea takes hold, it's best to just go with it I guess. Have a good weekend and happy writing.

  7. Your poem touched me to the core ..........

  8. really like the hourglass effect and its contents are lovely, thanks!

  9. Very provocative, and the photo actually reminds me of the Blue Ridge Mountains here in Virginia!

  10. Your poem and picture make me want to know where "home" is

  11. Thanks izzy & SouthLakesMom. Hi Lucy Westernra, home is a place called Piperstown in the Dublin mountains. Our house backs on to the Glenasmole Valley which is not only beautiful but steeped in history all the way back to the Irish Fianna and Oisin, a mythical figure who fell off his horse in Glenasmole and lost everlasting youth!

  12. I like the "birds that swoop across the valley" and TFE's gorgeous comment, of them as embracing arms. Wow.

  13. Enchanted and TFE have said it all. What a glorious picture you have painted with words. Beautiful.


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