Monday, November 21, 2011

Something to make you Smile!

This clip definitely falls into the label of 'The A-Z of anything', which by the way was specially designed to embrace items like these.

Hope you enjoy this clip as much as I did.  Before you click on it, here's a picture clue:-

Go on - View the clip HERE   It will make you smile!


  1. This was just wonderful. I dragged Mrs. Chatterbox over to my computer and we watched it together. This really put a smile on our faces. Such a good way to start our week. Thanks.

  2. Such a favorite! thanks for the boost :)

  3. Glad so many enjoyed it on blog and twitter:)

  4. sorry i not got back to you sooner, i loved it .... must have been a flash mob though, the floor of the station lends itself to it,like thriller in a way, good stuff.


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