Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Did You Ever Think about Writing for Television?

Do you regularly spot news items and think someone should make a TV series out of it? Do your fingers itch to write storylines for programmes you love? Yes? Well read on!

Although television is a visual medium, it’s still based on the written word and all programmes start out as a single idea first spelt out on paper. But because writers rarely make programmes, they must sell their ideas to the people that do. One way is to write a Treatment – essentially a written pitch summarising an idea into a few pages – with a dynamite script to complete the submission package.

Still interested?
In an introductory course run by Caren Kennedy, participants learn where the potential openings are in television and what writers must do in order to break in. By the end of the course, those who take advantage of all assignments will have created a polished Treatment showcasing their own idea for a series, complete with logline, synopsis, outlines for episodes and a query letter designed to grab the attention of programme makers.

Writing TV Treatments  online course - 8 weeks (4 modules) Caren Kennedy gives one-to-one mentoring and instruction on how to begin writing for television and develop ideas into storylines. Cost - €120.00

Caren Kennedy  works as an editor, proofreader, writing tutor and researcher.  She is the creator of a television series currently in pre-production with Warner Bros TV, co-author of Fake Alibis (BenBella Books, 2009), guest blogger for  www.writing.ie, and writing consultant with The Inkwell Group.

For more information visit: www.carenkennedywrites.com or send Caren an email direct to: carenkennedywrites@gmail.com


Caren Kennedy’s ‘Writing TV Treatments’ course is instructive, informative and extremely interesting.  Each module, delivered in easy-to-learn units, taught me how to flesh out my idea for a TV series, pump it up and transform it into a robust pitch.  But more than this, I learned how to summarise ideas for impact, research target markets, and stay motivated during the writing process. In short, this course is an excellent one which I would highly recommend to anyone wishing to further their writing career.

Michelle Moloney King:  www.TeacherMoloneyKing.com
This writing course is for anyone who wants to write. It is not limited to budding or established screenwriters. We covered ideas sourcing, research, visual writing skills, plot and character development, plus where and how to send submissions to television production companies. As I am a primary school teacher who uses lesson plans on a daily basis, nothing pleased me more than to find that Caren’s lessons were laid out in a comprehensive and detailed manner.  Her feedback was honest, succinct and got to the heart of any problems.  My writing and articulation of ideas has improved beyond imagining and I was amazed by this. Since the day I first started getting feedback from Caren, my blog has almost doubled its readership following. 


  1. Hi Louise,

    Great post.

    I loved doing this course with Caren, the course work, notes and feedback helped reach a new level with my re-writing. (Caren says writing is re-writing)

    Best decision I ever made!


  2. Thanks Michelle - sounds like a really fantastic course.

  3. Sounds great - and down the line Caren I just may well be signing up! I absolutely LOVED 'Life on Mars' and 'Ashes to Ashes' and would relish the opportunity to write a series where Gene Hunt could come forward in time . . . But will hold off until I complete the novel - trying, for once, to focus on one thing at a time :o)

  4. Thanks Susan - Deffo something on the 2do list!

  5. Haven't thought about writing for TV, but Caren's course looks great and I agree that 'writing is re-writing' no matter what the form

  6. It sure does look like an interesting course to keep in mind Val:)

  7. Apologies Louise. I've been a bit slow in getting over here - thanks so much for this.

  8. Great response so far Caren. It certainly seems like an area many are interested in.

  9. Hi Louise I've had trouble leaving comments, my blogger is banjaxed, I think.
    I did a scriptwriting course in the summer and I think it is possibly the best course I ever did. Besides writing a screenplay, it also helps with all writing, teaches you to plot and edit your work until it shines. I definitely would love to write for t.v. Caren's course looks really good:)

  10. Sounds brilliant Brigid - will DM u about it:0


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