Saturday, April 7, 2012

Twitter Made Him Do It!

Although it seems like an eternity since I started to get involved with Social Media, in reality, it is only 10 months.  The jury is still out on many aspects of SM, but undoubtedly, there have been some success stories.  Today, I would like to share one of those success stories with you. 

Very soon after I began to use Twitter, and other forms of Social Media, I hooked up with writer and musician, Derek Flynn.  A couple of weeks ago, he released his debut album, 'Do You Dream At All?', and here is his story:-

Musician and writer Derek Flynn

A year ago, Derek Flynn, writer and musician, was sitting in his study working on his second novel. Having played with original bands for years – and coming close but never quite getting the elusive record deal – he had put his music away in his bottom drawer to concentrate on his writing.

Someone advised him that if he was serious about being a writer, he needed to get on Facebook and Twitter, and start a blog, and he did. At first, it was intended to be a blog about writing but he soon realised there were any number of other blogs out there about writing. Wondering how he could put his own slant on it, he decided to start posting some of his original songs. He called the blog “Rant, with Occasional Music” and started posting a song every Monday on what he called “New Music Monday”.

In November 2011, Derek got involved in the #TwitterXmasSingle organised by Brenda Drumm. This was the first Christmas Charity Single organised and marketed solely through Twitter and other social media. Derek was one of the soloists on the song “Winter Song”. Organised, recorded and released in the space of two weeks, “Winter Song” reached No.1 in the iTunes chart on the day of release and No. 8 in the Irish charts overall. It was because of this – and the feedback and encouragement he received from people who listened to his music online – that Derek started to think about recording his own album and marketing it solely through Twitter and other social media.

Fast forward nine months and Derek now has over 4,000 followers on Twitter and his blog has had over 20,000 hits. 

Derek set up a studio in his house and recorded all of the songs on the album there. “Do You Dream At All?” is entirely self-produced and self-released. The marketing budget is a laptop, a twitter account and a Facebook page. In tandem with these recessionary times, this is DIY music-making.

Derek’s music ranges from a hard-edged guitar sound to acoustic songs that are often intense but always melodic, and are matched by lyrics which marry intensity with honest emotion. A Waterford native, Derek is a musician and a veteran of not only the Irish music scene, but also the US, having spent five years living and performing in New York. His influences run the gamut from The Pixies and Nirvana to Jeff Buckley and Bruce Springsteen, and this eclecticism can be heard in the wide range of songs on his debut CD.

Derek released the album in his hometown of Waterford as part of the Waterford Writer’s Weekend and was featured on RTE Radio One’s “Arena” programme performing the title track.

“Do You Dream At All?” was released on April 2nd and is available as a physical CD and download on CD Baby, and as a download on iTunes and Amazon.

You can Listen to samples and Buy the CD HERE:

And for a final treat!!!!
UTube link to the live video of the song '
All That's Left' is now available:-


  1. Awsome story ~ thanks for sharing it.

    Happy Easter, Louise!

    1. And a Happy Easter to you at The Beaded Pillow- hope u get lots of lovely chocolate!

  2. This was truly superb storytelling at its finest! I remained on the edge of my seat and consumed every word. cheap essay writing service Now that Elon bought Twitter for $44 billion, you need to make an update. The money has finally come! LOL

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