Thursday, June 28, 2012

Thought for the Weekend - What is Writing all about?

'The art of writing itself has been described by Listowel writer Byran MacMahon as allowing the reader, ‘The privilege of seating himself in the driver’s seat of another’s imagination and seeing the road ahead in a new way.’

A great quote, and forms part of a wonderful article by Eileen Casey, talking about her debut short story colloection, Snow Shoes’ over at writing.ie.

The collection has fourteen stories in total, and when Eileen was asked -What she has learnt from writing them? She replied, 'That writing the short form is a bit like walking a tight-rope, you hope you won’t fall off!'

Read full Article HERE

Read More About Hennessy Award Winner Eileen Casey HERE


  1. That is a good quote, Louise. Now, if I can just commit it to memory...

    1. In need Martin - that memory can be very tricky at times:) Have a brill weekend!

  2. That's a good way of putting it.

    1. Or driving with blinkers on Michelle! Lol - Hope things are good with you. xxxx


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