Monday, February 18, 2013

At long last some sunshine!!!

There are many reasons why we love Spring - new beginnings, that wonderful fresh start, the budding of spring flowers, longer days, the hope of a wonderful summer to come! Add to that, the joy of walking! I went on my first mountain walk this Spring, one of hopefully many more to come. We've had enough rain already to last a whole year, time for some clear skies, or even dry ones!!!!

Piperstown 2013


  1. All my little ones were writing about Spring today at Write Club! Apparently all the little baby dinosaurs are hatched in the Spring! Bet you didn't know that, Louise! Wish I was still six!

    1. Sounds good Carolann - and did you know that feb 14 is the day that most birds choose their mates!!!! Xxx L

  2. The tree in your photograph is getting into the spirit and welcoming spring, with open arms!


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