Friday, April 25, 2014

Done and Dusted!!

Edits are done and dusted and I can start picking up the pieces of my life again. All family, friends, and anyone else that I have ignored over the last 3 weeks, I offer my sincere apologies. It was a marathon run, over 14 hours editing yesterday, and up at dawn, but another one has bitten the dust, and dare I say it, I am happy with it. I've done my best. No doubt there will be some changes before it goes out in the world, but for now, a sigh of relief.....

The Blurb


Her husband is having an affair with a woman who wants her life. How far will she go to take back control?

In a Dublin suburb, a wife desperately clings to her sanity. The fear of being stalked by her husband's mistress, a shadowy presence moving objects around her home and playing mind games to push her over the edge, becomes a battle for survival.

In a hotel room across Dublin, Rick Shevlin, an art dealer with a dubious sexual past, is found butchered - his body arranged with artist precision.

But what connects them?

When psychologist Dr Kate Pearson is brought in to investigate the vicious murder, she finds herself plunged into an investigation which spreads across Europe and reveals a trail of sexual power and evil......

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