Thursday, April 9, 2015

Falling in and out of Love!

Editing can be joyous, chopping and tidying, finding cleaner, clearer ways of saying things, but sometimes it needs you to dig deeper, to find meanings that you know are there but perhaps you didn't grasp them correctly in that first draft, first round experience. 

Yesterday, I fell out of love with the script of The Game Changer, mainly because things weren't going my way. After a number of different approaches on certain elements, the heart of it felt like it was losing something. Today, I am falling back in love again. I'm seeing fresh possibilities instead of problems, so long may that loving feeling continue... 


  1. Oh, I know that feeling. I am patchworking at the mo, coming to the end of novel #4, stitching, unpicking. Living in fear of printing it out and knuckling down. Eek!

    1. Thanks Nuala - And good luck with the editing. Looking forward to reading the end result!


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