Wednesday, June 3, 2015


I don't normally post the reviews I get via email but as this one came from a specialist in neuropsychology in relation to LAST KISS...I'm making an exception!

"I finished your book, Last Kiss, yesterday.  I could not put it down! What a fascinating story you created. I enjoyed the intricate plot, the development of the characters, the multiple layers of the story, and the development of the relationships between the protagonists. I also enjoyed having Dublin and Paris as relevant contexts, playing a role as well as you read; the different narrator voices between chapters (and characters), and particularly the "I" talking to the reader ("would you warn her if you could?"). As a psychologist I can tell you I enjoyed very much the way you presented the forensic role of Kate, her constant question of ethical boundaries, her psychopathology knowledge and empathic ability to connect to the vulnerable. She is displayed as having a virtuous listening skill, and great questioning/interviewing skills which are primary ones in psychologists. The references to Freud's id - super ego - ego dynamics and the examples Kate gives to Adam during the flight to Paris were excellent! Not only accurate but very cleverly illustrated. As a specialist in neuropsychology, I generally tend to have more reservations, as the brain is my territory. The references to the frontal lobes were great, and I got excited as this is the precise part of the brain I study the most, as I am interested in self-regulation of behaviour. I enjoyed very much the sensibility of your writing. Despite the gruesome topics that this type of literature treats, I noted the many places you were poetic, or very aware of human feelings and thoughts. Thank you so much for the opportunity to read this great thriller (and thrilling) novel. I will dance in the woods thinking of the children's laughter, even those who did not have the loving and cared for opportunities many of us had."

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