Thursday, September 17, 2015

What an Awesome book - KIM THE BOOKWORM!

Thank you Kim the Bookworm for this terrific review!!


What an awesome book!

I've read all of Louise's books and have been riveted by them all. I absolutely love the character of Kate Pearson who actually continues to get better and I love her more in each book and as her life progresses. I absolutely HATED The Game Changer and guessed who it was quite early on - how wrong was I? I did find the book quite disturbing in parts because of what The Game Changer was trying to get people to do but compelled to read on. The psychology in this book is particularly interesting and I was totally immersed in the plot from very early on.

Louise has an incredible writing style and skill which makes you read a book while your heart is pounding and you want to shout at the characters. I found myself wanting to shout at them to hurry up at one point near the end! I was quite distressed to say the least.

This book is without doubt a corker and I wish Louise massive success with it. An author that I love to read! I do hope there is much more of Kate to come!

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