Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Unchartered Waters – Distress Signals by Catherine Ryan Howard!

What happens when a person goes missing and there is no evidence of murder? It’s nothing more than an unexplained disappearance, or is it?

That’s the premise for the debut novel from Catherine Ryan Howard, author of the recently published crime thriller, DISTRESS SIGNALS (Corvus).  Here, the potential scene of the crime is an unusual location, a cruise liner where maritime laws have their own distinct idiosyncrasies and the normal rules of investigative policing don’t apply.

When Adam Dunne’s girlfriend, Sarah, fails to return home from a business trip, her disappearance brings up many unanswered questions. Adam meets a series of obstacles, not least of which is the lack of belief from the police, and others, that Sarah hasn’t simply decided to be somewhere else. His unwillingness to accept this puts him on a collision course with a deadly predator, who may have discovered the perfect hunting ground.

Written in clear, crisp prose, DISTRESS SIGNALS, is a formidable debut, with short chapters, adding a page turning quality that will propel the reader forward. Skilfully plotted, with well-paced suspense, each segment pulls you further into unraveling this jigsaw of secrets. A warmth and empathy for the principle protagonist and sundry characters is skilfully woven in this tale, forged with vibrant dialogue that brings each of the main players wonderfully to life. Enjoyable throughout. A perfect holiday read. 



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