Friday, September 30, 2016

Louise Phillips and Emily Hourican - The Irish Times....

How and why do we write..... Q & A between myself and Emily Hourican with The Irish Times...

Dalkey Creates is returning for its third year and will take place from Thursday to Sunday, October 13th to 16th, in Dalkey, Co Dublin. The festival will feature a range of writing workshops and events involving several high-profile authors and writers. Taking part as course facilitators are Louise Phillips, author of The Game Changer, and Emily Hourican, whose latest book is The Privilieged. They spoke to each other about different writing techniques and advice ahead of the festival.
Emily: Why do you write, Louise?
Louise: I write because I love it. Words coming together, bringing fictional characters to life, even the dubious ones. And how over time you come to care about your characters more and more, because they have become real to you. It’s a great experience creating a fictional world, to be there in the middle of it, in much the same way as reading a good book. You don’t want to be anywhere other than within those pages.
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