Thursday, December 15, 2016

Read this book!! - RED RIBBONS is Brilliant!

Thank you Maxine Groves of Book Lover Cat Lady for this amazing review of RED RIBBONS!!

Brilliant Irish crime fiction! Totally engaged me from start to finish.I can't believe I've not read more of Louise's books but can believe it's won a host of awards already. If you love crime, if you especially love crime featuring a top criminal psychologist then you need this in your life!

What can I say? The plot is riveting with a creepy sinister taint that I loved. Meet a creepy serial killer. Dead girls with red ribbons in their hair. The past and the present linked with dark secrets and you've got a winner.

I loved Kate Pearson. We meet her for the first time in this novel. She's a top criminal psychologist known for her work on some high priority cases and is called in to help the Garda (Irish police) find the killer behind the terrible deaths of young pretty girls. She's no perfect woman our Kate, she's flawed and very real. Brilliant at her job but with no picture perfect life.

The writing is detailed, engaging and thoughtful. The author writes like it's effortless. Exceptional talent. You know how some crime books "sound" the same? Written in familiar voices? Not this one. A cut above. Riveting. Classy.


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