Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Making Stuff Up Can Be Very Pleasurable .....

Tonight, will be the last session of my current workshop at the Irish Writers Centre. It is always tinged with a little sadness that a course is coming to an end, primarily because I enjoy them so very much.

I will miss the passion and energy of being in a room every week with other writers, eager to pursue their desire to write.

I will miss not only the students, but also the characters they have created, some arriving quite shyly at first, others jumping off the page, but each there all the same.

I will miss talking about writing and what drives us to write stories and also, discussing aspects of writing that can and will bring your story to life.

I will miss putting our fictional beings through hot seat exercises, experimenting with dialogue, and reading weekly submissions, but most importantly, I will miss spending two hours every week with people who want to create stories, who like me, get extremely excited about this notion, because making stuff up can be very pleasurable indeed.

I’ve gotten some lovely messages over time as a workshop facilitator, and some over the last few days, each in their own way about how I’ve encouraged folk to be passionate about writing and themselves as writers, and if that is case, then that is a very good thing indeed.


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