Friday, April 10, 2020

The writing on hold for a little while longer....

So it turned out my mother of all headaches over the weekend, and the rash that started, were not the result of hitting my head or gardening, but rather the early signs of Shingles.

I am doing okay now, and thanks to my GP who gowned up with his PPE gear to examine me (the only patient who managed to get into the surgery in weeks - drama queen extraordinaire) I have the drugs I need to get better.

I've been told to rest, something I'm not usually inclined to do, but on this occasion, I will.

Thanks for all the gorgeous messages, and wishing you all a lovely Easter whatever life is throwing at you right now.

Remember to light a candle in the window tomorrow night for all those who are unwell and the wonderful health care workers to whom we all owe our gratitude.

Xxx Louise


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