Friday, December 9, 2011

Thought for the Weekend - Free Will?

Here's something for you to get your teeth into this weekend, nice quote from Scott Adams, plus enjoy this brilliant cartoon sketch from David Hume.

"Free will is an illusion. People always choose the perceived path of greatest pleasure."

 - Scott Adams -


  1. That quote is funny. Keyword: choose. People always choose what's easiest for them, but the fact is they made the choice! ;-) Happy Friday!

  2. As any decent magician will readily admit, illusion is just another form of reality, like writing and art.

  3. Few are capable of distinguishing betwixt the liberty of spontaneity, as it is call'd in the schools, and the liberty of indifference; betwixt that which is oppos'd to violence, and that which means a negation of necessity and causes. The first is even the most common sense of the word; and as ‘tis only that species of liberty, which it concerns us to preserve, our thoughts have been principally turn'd towards it, and have almost universally confounded it with the other.

    David Hume #1

  4. I'm with u Krystal, and Stephen, no doubt it's all an illusion, but Titus, honestly, can you explain all that in simple language, please:)

  5. Are we free to act how we will? Don't confuse that with the examination of what makes us act as we will. If there is a cause, does it necessarily make us bound?

  6. Well I'll be bound!
    I'm with Titus, she knows her wills!
    Have a great weekend Socks:)


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