Friday, October 5, 2012

All Good Things Must Come To An End!!!

I know they're not RED, but you get the point!!

It's the last leg of the RED RIBBONS Blog tour, and what a totally brilliant way to bring the tour to an final ending, by visiting the wonderful Joe McCoubrey.

Joe is a former Irish newspaper editor, who is now a full-time action thriller writer. In the early seventies, he worked in the Civil Service based in Stormont, the seat of the Northern Ireland Government, and was watching behind the scenes as some of the country's most momentous events unfolded. You can find out more about Joe below.

I hope you enjoy your visit to Joe's site HERE, with an exclusive interview and first audio recording of the opening Chapter in RED RIBBONS, by Lee Middleton, Head Presenter, at Stafford FM! It's a cracker of an interview and post!!!!

About Joe Mc Coubrey

Former Irish newspaper editior, now full-time action thriller writer, Joe Mc Coubrey,is a man who has witnessed some of the country's most momentus events.

In the early days of the 'troubles', events that reverberated around the world, somehow served to push him towards his real passion of writing. He became a newspaperman, started his own media business, and took a front row seat as history was played out in Ireland.

His short action story Death By Licence, was published by Master Koda Select Publishing. His debut full-length thriller Someone Has To Pay was released September 3rd 2012. A second full-length actioner is at the editing stages, and work has started on an Irish crime thriller.
You can visit Joe @ http://joemccoubrey.com/

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