Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Silence is Golden BUT!!!

So what's the news on the RED RIBBONS front?????

Firstly, sorry for being so quiet lately. I've had my head down writing The Doll's House, and today is the first time I'm coming up for air after 3 weeks in hibernation - not a bad thing I hear you saying!!!!

Firstly, because I know many of you love pics - Susan Condon has sent in this great pic of RED RIBBONS while holidaying in Venice (which I love:-) thanks Susan

Other NEWS is as follows:

Another fantastic review on RED RIBBONS from the Senior Times - You can read it HERE

I'm also delighted to say that Hughes and Hughes booksellers have chosen RED RIBBONS as their Parent's Choice for the months of October/November of The Irish Parent Magazine.

Keep an eye out also over the next couple of weeks for a' true life' short story of mine which will appear in the Daily Mail 'You' Magazine published on Saturdays.

Wednesday 14th November, I'll be reading as part of the RED LINE Literary Festival  in Three Voices/Three Forms, at The Loose End Civic Theatre, Tallaght : An Evening with writers Eileen Casey, Colm Keegan & Louise Phillips You can book HERE

You can read 'The Road to Publication' written for South Dublin County Library HERE

RED RIBBONS has also been chosen as the Pavilion Shopping Centre  Virtual Book Club choice for October 2012 

And if you're out and about in Tallaght over the next while, pick up the free issue magazine INTALLAGHT, who have been brilliant support for RED RIBBONS.

I'm also delighted to announce that South Dublin Libraries will be including yours truly on their wall of Library Champions, alongside Colum McCann, John Boyne, President Michael D Higgins, and Claire Hennessy.

And just to prove to you that I have been doing some work - here are a couple of the storyboards for The Doll's House!!!!


  1. I love your story boards Louise, very inspiring! And well done on all your success, especially on being a library champion, libraries are very close to my heart! Cant wait to read your piece in You.

  2. Goodness - how very exciting for you!

  3. All such great news, Louise.

    PS I love the story boards.

  4. Many congratulations Louise on the reviews and welcome back to the world. Hope you enjoyed your 3 weeks of writing? I gave Red Ribbons to a 14 year old and she loves it too :)

    Missed you,


  5. Exciting times Louise! Love the story board's but I have to admit - I don't think I could sleep with the second one in my room . . .


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