Friday, July 17, 2015

What if you went missing and couldn't remember anything?

So here it is, the blurb of THE GAME CHANGER

What if you went missing and couldn’t remember anything?

When Dr Kate Pearson was twelve years old she was abducted,
but she has no memory of the time she was held.

Over twenty years later, an anonymous note is pushed under her door…

And suddenly Kate’s distant past becomes her present.

When Kate discovers that her parents lied to her about the length of time
she was missing, she is forced to question everything about her childhood,
including the involvement of her father in a secret group in the 1980s.

Is the suspected suicide of an ex headmaster in Dublin and a brutal
murder in New York connected to her abduction all those years ago –
and how was her father involved?

While Kate delves deeper into the recesses of her memory to uncover the
truth, a cold-blooded killer and sinister cult leader, is bearing down on her.

THE GAME CHANGER is out for revenge. Someone has to pay for

the sins of the past.

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