Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Top Drawer Crime Writing!!!

Huge thanks to Hubert O'Heirn of BY THE BOOK REVIEWS & SAN DIEGO BOOK REVIEWS for this review of THE GAME CHANGER....

“The GAME CHANGER is absolute top drawer crime writing by Ireland's finest crime writer. You will spend a very pleasant series of hours untying the knots of a perfectly tangled plot, and then the real fun starts when you follow the line that leads from the crime to – YOU.

Louise Phillips's fourth novel, The Game Changer, is a psychological thriller that really should demand that a lot of other so-called psychological thrillers give up their false identity....a real psychological thriller like The Game Changer is actually about something. This  is the sort of crime novel that involves learning as a subversive activity; an exploration into the darker current of the mind while playing the great old game of WHODUNNIT?"


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