Thursday, June 4, 2020

Small Paperback of THE HIDING GAME about to hit the shelves!!

I've been very quiet of late, but the last couple of months have been awash with two bouts of shingles for myself, a family member with Covid, and a hubby with a double dose of vertigo! (I'm just saying!)

Anyhow, we have all survived and the small paperback version of THE HIDING GAME will be hitting the shelves next week!

Ahem....a perfect lockdown read!!!


In a small town south-east of Boston, a young nanny awaits trial for murder.
The evidence - and the media - is against her, but Abby Jones swears she is innocent.
Defence attorney Heather Baxter believes Abby is telling the truth, but convincing a jury will not be easy. And she knows that in a place like Corham, where her own mother's murder remains unsolved, justice isn't always served.
As the lawyer starts to dig deeper into Abby's case, Heather soon realises there may be a link to the shadows of her own past -- and those involved will stop at nothing to keep their secrets buried ...

'Intriguing and compelling ... will enthral you to the end' Liz Nugent

'Absolutely gripping ... an addictive page turner.' Patricia Gibney

'Riveting legal thriller, beset with dark secrets and murky lies.' Catherine Ryan Howard

'A gripping courtroom drama with a courageous new heroine in Heather Baxter. Pacy, tightly plotted and full of suspense.' Andrea Carter

'Riveting, thought provoking and compulsive.' Arlene Hunt

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