Thursday, October 7, 2010

Juliet Turner & I at the National Concert Hall

Sounds good doesn't it?

Needless to say Juliet was the one on the stage, whilst I was one of the many followers sitting in the audience.

It did my soul good to listen to one of the greatest Irish singer songwriters around.  Juliet played some of the old reliables like, 'Dr Fell' and 'Burn the Black Suit' , as well as some new material from her latest album.  Even if Juliet did not have the most amazing voice, I could just spend the night listening to her lyrics.  Her music is both direct and exciting with a rawness of intensity that enhances her music every time she performs.  She has the uncanny knack of always making you feel that you are listening to something new, vibrant and different.

The sound in the National Concert Hall was great as usual, but there was something about Juliet and her performance that felt truly intimate, almost as if you were just sitting in your own living room or a cosy pub.  Either way, it was a really enjoyable evening. 

At the end of the night, some of us hung on to chat to Juliet, who was signing Cd's after singing her heart out.  But she kept smiling, and displayed her quick witted sense of humour even at a late hour.  Sense of humour enough to get into a picture with yours truly.  I thank the photographer, a great friend of mine who also managed to get a couple of autographs as well!!


  1. Tut, tut, taking a night off writing....

  2. Yeah I know, and boy did I pay for it today! Head wrecked, but got up early and MADE MYSELF write the allocated 2,000 words, probably dribble but sure what the hell. Feeling down beat, but for now I will blame it on the tireness!!!

  3. Are you the one with the glasses on her head?
    If so, that's not how they're meant to be worn. Try the nose, and see the difference.

  4. I might not know my Irish singers, but I know my optics.

  5. Yeah, but those of us those that wear glasses for distance (ie the stage) and are too lazy to put them in their bag, along with the fear that it might take them half an hour to find them there before driving home,(having lost glasses case a long time before), the head is usually safer. Works better in the summer, with the perscription sunglasses, but what the hell!


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