Saturday, October 30, 2010

Halloween Poetry Bus Poem - Deadly Hold

As the prompt is a Halloween theme, I tried to think of something scary.  During the week, I read a piece about the social condition of Ireland post the 'Celtic Tiger', so I figured that's pretty scary and would warrant inclusion.  Posting early as weekend is a bit hectic!

Deadly Hold

The dark dank hold,
that cuts out light,
and children’s eyes that mourn,
like angel sirens,
humming low,
beneath the ghoulish mound,
that sought to kick the weak and lame,
and seeped through rise and fall of day,
with man’s ignorance of place,
of self,
and all the things,
that stupid loss prevails.
It wasn’t vampire that led us here,
nor simple greed alone,
for that of course,
is never enough,
to roar the why of IGNORAMUS.
It formed the flow right down the cheek,
invisible tears of souls,
pumped and geared,
raved up in mass to monster beat,
of evil shit upon the street,
in comfortable suburban zones,
or the elegant elite,
at some high class treat,
with Mommy & Daddy’s drinks display,
that always came to save the day,
an easy fix to set our children free,
to live life in the futile shade,
playing the ‘ignorant game’.
The one that led us all astray,
the pimp that pumped our deadly ride,
plummeting our own decay,
and laughs loudly now today,
the dark dank deadly hold,
that cuts out light,
and children’s eyes that mourn,
like angel sirens,
humming low,
seeped through wounds,
of good auld Tiger Ireland.


  1. And do you know what? We still moaned through good old Celtic Tiger Ireland. This is a great state of the nation address.

  2. Moaning we do well, it's giving ourselves a good slap, learning and getting on with things that we need to do more than anything else!

  3. Wow! Each line is so well chosen. I must admit that being Canadian, I had to look up what "Celtic Tiger" is, but your poem is really amazing - brutal and unstinting. I commend you.

    I found this line: "the pimp that pumped our deadly ride" particularly powerful.


  4. Thanks Kat, and fair play to you for looking up Celtic Tiger. We all need to display more of your knowledge seeking attributes!

  5. Quite a poem, 120socks (intrigued by your name ; )) You've summed up the be-all and end-all of the dear old Celtic tiger....some great word choices and lines. cheers for the read.

  6. Started blog 5 weeks ago when away at a Writers Weekend. I wrote a piece about how many socks I found on the floor of my teenage son's bedroom floor, so just picked the name. Actually, I got it wrong, he contradicted me on return, telling me there were 121, but it was too late, the blog was born!

  7. Glad to find the origin or your blog's wonderful name. And I love the fierce aliteration of "the pimp that pumped our deadly ride" as well.

  8. Welcome to blogging, then, and to the Poetry Bus! I enjoyed your poem and my favorite line in the whole wonderful thing is "the evil shit upon the street" ... I find it for some reason very refreshing, sort of like calling a spade a spade.

  9. Thanks Argent & Enchanted Oak, glad you both enjoyed the poem, it was just one of those things that you kinda write very fast and hope that what comes out at the end has merit. As for the name, well it's good to know that one's children can inspire you, even in the most unusual of ways!!

  10. See where moaners and whiners have gotten us? Yes, it's time for a generation that have gotten a pop on the head, told to get a stiff upper lip and sent of to do something about "it" - Scary good poem.

  11. We best get on with it so! Thanks Muse Swings.

  12. Great sense of atmosphere alongside political commentary!


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