Saturday, October 9, 2010

'Connections' Art Exhibition - Francis Mc Crory

The Van

Through his collection 'Connections', Francis Mc Crory explores people, places and things in our capital city of Dublin, in any number of ways. 

Mc Crory delves into the relationship between the elements that we encounter every day, and very often take for granted.

The Stella Picture Theatre
His collection illustrates derelict buildings, including the 'Stella Cinema', (that in my youth I believed to be 'awfully grand', and which still holds strong memories for me), obscure  Phone Boxes, The Luas, Public Buses down O Connell Street, and Chip Vans by the Sea.

Of all the images in the exhibition, apart from the Stella Cinema that is an iconic building of my childhood, I absolutely loved 'The Van' and 'Midnight Call'. Mc Crory's extraordinary strength of colour and creation of light, combined with the unique accessibility of his work means that what he gives you, is both refreshing and vibrant.

He is unbelievably a mere 27 years of age.  Born in Belfast, he is a fine arts graduate from the University of Ulster.  He has won two awards for 'Best Emerging Artist'.  The Diageo Award in 2006 and the prestigious KPMG Award in 2007.

He is certainly one to watch, and his work made my Saturday morning in Dublin, all the better for having the opportunity to see it.

(Exhibition Gormleys Fine Art, 24 South Frederick Street, Dublin)


Midnight Call

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