Saturday, October 29, 2011

Thought for the Weekend - Any Dream Will Do!

Normally, I use famous quotes for these blog posts - words of wisdom from writers, philosophers, artists, and those wise folk called anonymous, but today is slightly different.  Today, I'm going to go with 'Any Dream Will Do', which some of you might connect to the musical 'Joseph' or 'Joseph And The Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat', which I knew it by.  It just so happens though, that it is also the title of a new book, one which is in the shops NOW, written by one of the many great people I have come to know in Twitter Land -Maria Duffy.

So I got to thinking how important these four words actually are.  We all need dreams, we all need something to strive for, and these dreams are as individual as we are.  My hubby has been more into the dream idea over the years than me.  And for the most part, most of his dreams have come true.  I tended to things that dreams were things you did in your sleep, and probably should be left there.  But over the last while, I've been thinking that perhaps I'm wrong.  You have to dream, to have to believe that wishes will come true, because even if they don't, it's a whole lot better dreaming about them than not!

Here's a pic of Maria's book, which I plan to pick up very soon myself - and Maria, I warn you in advance, your signature will be required.


  1. Couldn't agree more. Well said you.


  2. Thanks Caren - Dreams,you gotta have them!

  3. W.B. Yeats put it very well in his poem-'He wishes for the cloths of heaven':
    '....tread softly because you tread on my dreams.'

  4. So true!
    Congratulations to Maria, what a great achievement.
    I am pursuing my childhood dream of being a writer, it feels the right thing to do, as you say its having a dream that's the important thing.

  5. I love that quote too Alan!

    And Brigid, we both share a very similar dream. Lets hope they do come true:)

  6. i seem to spend most of my time dreaming, perhaps i ought to start doing....i'll have to have a good think about that. i like the yeats quote by the way.

  7. Hi Mark
    I remember a little while ago, a person far more intelligent than I, my daughter - asked me what I dreamt about, what I really wanted to do? So I told her. Then she asked me, what I needed to do, to make it happen? I guess the answer is often in the question!

    Have a great weekend:)

  8. I think it probably is better to dream than not to. Not sure about the quote, though, will need to think about that. Subject for debate, perhaps!

  9. Yes, but when Mark says ..' need to start doing' it reminded me of that old adage-" Actions speak louder than words". Having a dream is fine but the need surely, Dave, is to translate the dream into positive work to achieve the dream. As a side question, 120 Socks' commenters-are you pleased to have the new President of Ireland-Michael D. Higgins? I'm a retired teacher so I can only ask questions here as I've lost my class!! Away with me-and good luck to Michael D.Higgins!

  10. Hi Globaleye - I can't speak for commenters, but I for one am glad Michael D got the job!


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