Friday, October 21, 2011

Thought for the Weekend - Frank O'Connor

I thought we could go all writerly for this week's Thought for the Weekend - and who better than Frank O'Connor to set us on the right path!

'There are three necessary elements in a story—exposition, development, and drama. Exposition we may illustrate as “John Fortescue was a solicitor in the little town of X”; development as “One day Mrs. Fortescue told him she was about to leave him for another man”; and drama as “You will do nothing of the kind,” he said.'



  1. To the point indeed! It must be something in the air as I posted a short piece about writing short stories this afternoon.

    Have a good weekend Mrs Socks.

    Isabel x

  2. Reminds me of a T-shirt I once saw sporting a quote by Henry David Thoreau:

    Simplify. Simplify.

    Only someone did Thoreau one better by crossing out one of the "simplifies."

  3. Yeap Isabel, it is a good one - Frank O Connor was a master of the short story genre.

    Ha, ha, sounds good Stephen - eating up words is one of the best ways of improving your writing.

    Have a lovely weekend both of you:)

  4. Oh, if only I could get my own writing to be this concise and to the point! :)


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