Wednesday, October 12, 2011

So light they almost fly!

Puffin Advertisement 1956 - So light they almost fly!
I know many of you are fond of these old vintage ads!  The above colourful one came to mind when I read an article via Twitter from @CarenKennedy (well worth following btw) - see article from Independent.ie newspaper below.

THREE pensioners attending the funeral of a friend in southern California had to be hospitalised after getting high on brownies and being unable to stand up. The three, all in their 70s and 80s, had accidentally consumed brownies that had marijuana added to them. The pensioners became unwell at a Huntington Beach memorial service and had to be taken to hospital after they were unable to stand up unassisted. At the service, a tray of brownies were offered around that has since been determined to have contained marijuana.

Link to main article here http://t.co/zrwxEJT7


  1. I'd like to have a try of those brownies passed around at MY funeral. In fact, I'd like a tray of them right now!

  2. ... and in these trying times, pot so much cheaper than booze!

  3. What an apporpriate post title- lol!
    There's a story there!!

  4. Love how the title and the pictures adds to the story.


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