Sunday, August 26, 2012

One Week to go......(kinda!)

Dublin Mountains by day

It's a beautiful morning here in Dublin, and I can hear the familiar sound of early birdsong. Our dog, a golden retriever is already lying upside down in the sun, scary really how human he believes he is! Not a chance of him getting a suntan with low temperatures and a thick woolly coat, but sure he's Irish, so he's forever optimistic:)

The rest of the house is asleep, and after a very busy week, my mind too is settling down. Yes, there are tons of things for me to do, lots to get organised, from creating book marks, to writing pieces, but you know, sometimes we all just gotta stop and breathe a little - think quietly about what it's all about.

On the 3rd September, RED RIBBONS will be in the shops - hard to comprehend really, as I'm still getting over seeing it on my bookshelf at home. Lots of people have confirmed they will be at the launch on the 5th, which will be in Hughes & Hughes St Stephen's Green SC (6.30). If you do intend going to the launch, you can pick up a copy there, and yours truly will sign every one of them - after all I'm supposed to be a writer!

I am nervous about speaking, (I always am), and no, I haven't written down what I am going to say, but I will. And, I remind myself, that I will be surrounded by friends, some of which I may never have actually met, but who are giving me the greatest compliment of all, by being willing to read the words I've put down on the page.

If you pick up a copy of RED RIBBONS, and you do find it has some good qualities, well spread the word. Even in today's world of major media advertising, social media, more streams of communication than any of us would have thought possible twenty years ago - by far the best way to encourage others to read books, is word of mouth. 

Yesterday, Declan Burke did a piece in the Herald about RED RIBBONS, and there is a link to it in a blog post below, along with an image of the Dublin mountains at night where some of the novel is set.

I hope you like the picture from this morning, which is all bright, sunny and beautiful.

Have a lovely week folks.

Thanks and take care.




  1. As I said a long time ago "you'll be famous one day" I'm made up for you Louise you've put the work in and now your getting a well deserved pay back, good luck at the launch,I only wish I could be there.

    1. Thanks Mark - and as I said in a previous post, the journey wouldn't have been half as good without all the special people I've met along the way, including your good self:) L

  2. I just ordered! I just ordered!
    Sorry, I can't be at the launch for obvious reasons, but all the very best and I hope the doormen are beating back the crowds. Off to find The Herald piece.

    1. Yay Titus and yay again!!! I hope you enjoy - you're a writer who knows her stuff, but also knows about crime - so fingers crossed that your verdict will be a good one:) xx L

  3. Loving the new layout. I cannot wait to read your books, see you at the book launch.

    Beir Bua

  4. The hardest part is over, Louise. Enjoy all that is about to unfold. Best wishes.

  5. Great interview and great new website!

    1. Thanks Val- still some minor issues with blog and website, but getting there!!


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