Monday, December 16, 2013

First drafts are like lovers!

I know everyone says (including myself) that first drafts are simply that. They are the beginning not the end, and yes, I know, the best books aren't written, they're rewritten, but god oh god, first drafts are frustrating.

At first, as with all love affairs, they seem special. They are filled with endless possibilities, your head is dizzy with what the future holds for you both. In some ways, you're blind, because you have to be. There is no way of knowing the future, especially while you're creating it.

It's a time to be patient, a time to see what the new lover is all about, to give them time to grow and evolve into their full potential. All sounds very good, until the niggling doubts appear, and you wonder about this first draft - has it tricked you? How much work does it need? Will it ever be the wonderful lover you thought it would be, could be?

Right now, myself and my first draft are not seeing eye to eye. We are frustrated with each other, and not altogether sure about moving forward. We have gone from 45,000 words to less than 42,000 in the blink of an eye. We see each other's weaknesses and wonder can we move on from here. The future feels less than certain.

Nonetheless, here we are, and like all relationships that are worth anything, they require work. Time for a breather, me thinks, then I'll return to do battle again!

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