Saturday, December 28, 2013

It's not all bad news!

Believe it or not, I'm down with the flu again. By that I mean I was on the mend, then things took a nosedive. Hubby is now sick too, so we're coughing and spluttering and generally sharing our germs the same way we share most things in life, wholeheartedly!

But it is not all bad news. Firstly, I'm back to the writing and I'm beginning to get that sense that the fictional world is becoming real. This is a very good thing, because if it's not real for the writer, it sure as hell won't be real for the reader. The second bit of good news is that my sick hubby finally read The Doll's House! Yes, I know that it has taken him a while, but he's been mad busy with work, and in fairness hasn't been reading at all. It was a funny thing, me on one side of the couch coughing and writing, and him on the other side of the couch reading my novel.

The really good news is that he loved it, and said it reminded him that he missed reading so very much. You need to understand that whereas my hubby is wonderful, he doesn't get gushy with lots of words of praise, he simply say it as it is, and for him to say that he felt the book had him gripped, and he was sorry it was over, and could I please hurry up with the next one, was kind of mega great.

Thankfully we have plenty of books for him to devour in the interim, so I'm sure he'll have much to enjoy.

Have a wonderful New Year folks.....

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