Thursday, January 9, 2014

Latest Goodreads Review of RED RIBBONS


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Jan 08, 14

The debut novel from Irish author Louise Phillips, Red Ribbons is a definite page turner, superbly written in a simple yet effective manner. From the start, the characters are subtly developed, making both their existence and circumstances more believable than others put to paper in the same genre.

The plot is centred around three narrators, each providing a unique insight to each angle of the story. Great characters are introduced, Kate Pearson, the criminal psychologist hired by police to hunt down the serial killer responsible for the body of a young schoolgirl, found buried in the Dublin Mountains, who discovers how hauntingly familiar her investigation becomes, the more she uncovers, and
Ellie Brady, a woman sent to an institution 14 years previous for murdering her own daughter Amy.
The narration from the serial killer cemented my love for this book, as I really enjoyed the characters tainted outlook, and reasons for being.

Red Ribbons is a gritty read, which I found impossible to put down, and would recommend it to anyone looking for a fast and thrilling read


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