Monday, September 27, 2010

Lucan Festival - Poetry & Prose Readings 2010

Amazing, first day with a blog and I'm on my second posting! 

I guess this is like the way I approach most things in life, with huge bursts of enthusiasm at first and then a much needed levelling out as time progresses. 

Anyhow I did warn all you crazy souls that have bombarded me with reasons why I should blog for soooo...... long, that the danger of it becoming addictive was real and scary!

But enough of that, the reason for the second posting, (and I promise it will be a short one) is because last week, 4 of us from Lucan Writers braved the elements of dark skies and bucketing rain to read in Lucan Village for the Festival.  The event was organised by renowned poet Eamonn Lynskey, and our very own poet extraodinare, Niamh Bagnell.  It was a very good night and hopefully one of many to come.  I won't waste your time giving you any more info, as it is well documented at Eamonn's blog site, see link below:



  1. Yes of course, and good photos too!

  2. You don't look little or old.
    Are you friends with D'Oub? Yikes, I may have to review my following policy...

  3. Yes you can't be too careful! And indeed friend for life despite the handcuffed rebels!


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