Friday, August 19, 2011

Thought for the Weekend - Hello Family!

Regular visitors to my blog will have worked out by now that I don't usually post pictures of friends, family or any other personal connections on this site.  I've posted a couple of pics of our dog Benson, but that was okay because he told me it was - I could see it in his eyes!

Last week's 'Thought for the Weekend' was all about saying goodbye to an old friend.  As it turned out, for anyone who read the post, I never did take Joan's number out of my phone, my heart would not allow it.  

This week has been a bit of a strange one, but at the same time, when you join up all the dots, you get to see a pretty clear picture.  Last weekend we went to the christening of my niece, one of those family gathering where we all say, we must do this more often, but rarely get around to it.  Then later this week, I read a post about a friend of mine Krystal Wade, (which you can read HERE), all about balancing work and family life, specifically in the area of writing.  I also had extra time over the last few days with my two girls, rounding the week off last night with a trip to see 'Grease The Musical' (review to follow).  So all in all, the week brought family to the fore in bucket loads.  

Okay, hand on heart, I will admit here, I believe all my children are wonderful.  I may be biased, but I don't care.  I am not really sure how, or why, they each turned out so fantastic, but it did get me thinking about motherhood and all that.  Even today with them all grown up, I make mistakes, but for the most part, I do my utmost to be the best mother I can be.  So just as a exception today, I give you a pic of my three babies.  (The actual baby in the photograph is my niece, she's the one wearing the small white christening dress!)

And of course there is a quote below, which is the point of this regular posting - and just to clarify, I'm not saying I always pick the good approach, but like most of us, I do my best! 

I apologise in advance for any over sentimentality today - but we all gotta have a bit of it every now and again!  Have a great weekend all! :)

'There's no way to be a perfect mother and a million ways to be a good one.'
- Jill Churchill -

And for those of you who are feeling sentimental today - check out this link HERE
 - Thanks to @Castletonian on Twitter - a good guy to follow!


  1. Louise, if my kids turn our half as talented and wonderful as yours, I'll be very happy :) (Sorry if I'm a bit mushy too today!)

  2. Lovely post and thanks for sharing as per the photo. The quote resonates - there is much truth in it.

    I could swear I left a comment on your previous post yesterday and wonder where it went - adventures in blogland no doubt!

    Kind regards

    Anna :o]

  3. Ah thanks D'oub(fab Mum) - lets call it mushy friday! :)

  4. Liked it !
    You cant do any better than your best can you.
    Another thoughtful post.

  5. Thanks Anna - and yes indeed the adventures of blogland! :)

  6. Your kids are gorgeous! It's okay to be sentimental...I kind of think it shows you have heart! :-) Not that I didn't think you had it before. (I'm glad you enjoyed my piece.)

  7. Louise thanks for being you and sharing that with us. Your kids must be as proud of you as you are of them.
    120socks rocks!
    This is dedicated to anyone feeling a bit sentimental today

  8. Thanks Castletonian - just added d link!

  9. What lovely children, I think that had just the right touch of sentimentally. Sounds like you had a great time!

  10. love that quote, and sentimentality -- thanks!

  11. Thanks J.A. & Susan - hope you both have a fab sentimental weekend!

  12. It is indeed hard to fit everything in and to be all things to all people...all of the time! Or so it seems. I do hope you enjoyed 'Grease'. I didn't go to it this time around (I've seen numerous productions of it) I look forward to your review.

  13. Great quote! And I'll excuse the sentimentality since you so rarely engage and your kids are so good looking and the baby's so cute! Have a great weekend!

  14. Hi family! They are most smiley!

  15. Ha ha Titus - yes indeed - it took years of training to achieve this!!

  16. What a great post, I loved the fmaily picture...they look like cool kids Louise!

  17. Thanks Michelle, sometimes I think they are way more mature than their mother!


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