Sunday, August 7, 2011

A Poem about the Inner Voice

I stumbled across this poem today in search of another!  I've lost quite a few poems in my time due to computer crashes or whatever. Anyhow, I like this one, so now it's on the blog, where it might stay safe for a while.  I hope you like it too!

The Voice

Who's voice is this I want to know,
I hear her,
She is so familiar.

Sounds like me, but not so.
I hear her voice from years ago.

I hear it now,
I want to smile,
I love her spirit and her guile.

Where did she go?
I want to know.

I hear her playing a different tune,
The beat less sure,
The tone less tuned.

To strangers, she's a side of herself,
To family, friends, she's many guises.

To me, she's part of what might be.
I hear her voice,


  1. it's the voice within that haunts us all at sometime ...lovely thank you

  2. Thank kez - a voice we should all listen to I guess!

  3. Love your poems Louise. I was thinking of this yesterday....I was so brave as a little kid and then lost it in my teens. It's great to read a poem about the "guile" of your old voice.

  4. Hi. You know I never think to read poetry, and then I read something like that and wonder why. The beauty of poetry, I think, is it can take on new meaning each time we read it.
    Thanks for sharing.


  5. Sometimes we come upon ourselves and don't quite remember who we used to be. Sometimes that's nice, and sometimes it's quite sad. Your poem touches on that odd feeling.

  6. Thanks Michelle - Yes it is good to remember how brave we might have been once, sort of tells us, it is still within us to be again.

    Yes James, poetry can be wonderful in so far as it can, as you say capture something different within us all at different times.

    Actually Lolamouse, describing it as an odd feeling is right on the button. When we look back at ourselves, it can be a surprise and with a form of disbelief, that yes, that was us, and indeed it can be odd.

  7. I like this poem, with its gentle questioning tone. The line 'where did she go?' hits home:)
    I went through some old dresses recently, and each one had a voice and memory for me... of some young one who was terribly stupid, and terribly brave. :)

  8. Thanks Niamh - I sense a short story coming on with your dress review!

  9. Stunning. I relate totally to this and feel both the hope and the nostalgia behind it. Lovely.
    (Why not save your work on an external drive or a flash drive? You can't go on losing stuff like this!)

  10. Oh Dave - I know! Which is in partly why I am so upset about the two poems which I cannot now find because of old computers crashes!

  11. That's a lovely poem my inner voice constantly chatters to me lol. Sometimes I think it's the real me I can't relax and just let her out. Thought provoking :)

  12. Thanks tattoodevil13 - R u playing blog catch up?


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