Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Pictures tell their own story!!

Voting is now closed for the 
Bord Gais Energy Irish Book Awards

Thank you all so much for the support and good wishes! 

Pictures from the last crazy days!
Cinderella & Prince Charming will go to the Ball
 Tickets for Awards Gala Dinner
Photo for Evening Herald Feature
'I'm a Granny, not a Nanny'
Myself, Susan Condon, Tanya Farrelly, Trish Nugent,
Ruby Barnes & Co after Crime Night at the REDLINE Festival
Crime Writers, Mick Halpin, Liam Flood, Susan Condon, and 
myself are joined by Nell during Dublin Book Festival
Chairing 'Inspiring Crime Writers' - Dublin Book Festival,
Louise Phillips,with Conor Brady and Niamh O'Connor
Relaxing after 3 Voices/3 Forms at the  Loose End Theatre
RED LINE Book Festival - Susan Condon/Louise Phillips
Reading from The Doll's House with
Eileen Casey & Colm Keegan
RED LINE Festival - 3 Voices/3Forms Louise Phillips in
company with Eileen Casey & Colm Keegan
Working with Media Student ITT
Ireland AM Interview with Aidan Cooney
Nomination RED RIBBONS for
Irish Crime Novel of the Year 2012
Orla Coffey & Tanya Farrelly - Twitter Nuts at Twitter xmas single
Rehearsals finally over for Twitter xmas single!
All smiles
Louise Phillips, Jillian Godsill, John Ivory, Maura Donaghue,
and Susan Condon at Twitter xmas recording.


  1. What is again? One picture equals a thousand words - I get the picture! Big congrats and may the happy days continue upwards and onwards girl.

    Caren x

    1. I think Kojak used to sing it Caren- or rather talk it! xx L

  2. lovely selection of photo's Louise, looks like your one busy lady xx

    1. Thanks Anne - and it doesn't include the half of it!! Sleep soon, then .... hmmmm ....writing!!! xx L

  3. Great pictures, loads of happy faces with happy news. Best of luck at the Book Awards.

    Beir Bua
    Bring Victory

    1. For sure Michelle - and thanks re awards! Sure we'll see, but I'll enjoy the night either way. I'll have my iphone and will take plenty of pics!!! xxx L

  4. Great photo's Louise - but the best has to be 'Granny and Catriona' . . .

    1. Thks Sue - she gets the good looks from her Granddad's side!!! xxx L


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