Friday, May 3, 2013

The Book Store Stroller

Does a picture paints a thousand words?

I never used to think too deeply about novel covers, or so I thought. 

Before sitting down to write a novel, I would stroll into a bookstore and browse the shelves looking for my next great read. 

If I recognized an author and enjoyed their material before, that was a definite plus for me. But you don’t realize, or at least I didn't, how influenced you are by a cover.

The cover is the first thing you see – makes sense! But what does a cover of a novel give you?  

Content? Genre? Tone? Curiosity?  Story?

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  1. I find covers more 'turn me off' than turn me on. With some books that I quite fancy blurb-wise I actually think. "I couldn't walk out of the door with a book that looks like that."
    I long for the return of the classic Penguin. How retro/sad is that?!

    1. I get what your saying, and know a particular author whose books were highly recommended but I couldn't bring them home because of the colours - canary yellow and loud pinks don't do much for me. I love a book that give a sense of texture or depth. xx L

  2. I have been known to buy a book based on cover and then not liking the book!

    1. I've been caught out too Michelle. I always read the first page. It's a great help in deciding if you like how the author writes!! xx L


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