Monday, June 24, 2013

Latest Ramblings!

Thanks to Gerry from YOU magazine of The Daily Mail for making last week's photo session so relaxing - even with my braces! And no, I don't look like Joan Collins, not yet!!

Full cover (front & back) of The Doll's House will be revealed later on, so watch this space.

Good old 'Red Ribbons' will also feature shortly in the Mothers and Babies Magazine of The Independent, with me chatting to the lovely Linda Daly about protecting our big kids.

For any of you interested, I've also started on Novel 3 - working title 'Last Kiss' and yes, it will be another psychological crime thriller!!! And yes, I've completed the dreaded synopsis!!!


  1. No rest for the wicked - in your case,Louise, your wicked imagination! Look forward to The Doll's House . . .

    1. Oh I'm very wicked Susan - at least I imagine I am!! xx L


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