Friday, May 2, 2014

Can Anybody Help Me - Sinead Crowley

Sinead Crowley’s debut crime thriller Can Anybody Help Me is a page turning read that grips you from the get-go, dealing with that daunting time of pregnancy and then motherhood, it asks the question, can any of us really trust the people we connect with online?
Catching up with Sinead, it came as no surprise that she wanted to write since the age of four, ‘When I got my first toy typewriter – the first words typed were Chapter One.’ A ferocious reader, it was the L M Montgomery books, and specifically the Emily books, of whichEmily and the New Moon was her favourite, that really griped her, ‘I remember borrowing the book from Walkinstown library, and borrowing it over and over again. Emily also wanted to be a writer!’ Confidence wise, she says, ‘I never thought becoming a writer would definitely happen, but from as soon as I could pick up a pen, I wanted to write.’
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