Friday, January 23, 2015

Not Your Week???

In the words of a good friend of mine, who happened to reflect on my week that has just past,  she said....'Oh Jesus Wept, not your week.'

It certainly has had it's lows, but thankfully the most troubling, worrying part  is not so bad. Other incidentals are that book number 4 is moving along, slow, steady, not always altogether sure-footed, but moving forward.

Added to the trials and tribulations of the last few days, I had another visit to the orthodontist, a man who happily told me that on the next visit, he will be putting a metal retainer on the inside of my lower teeth - that makes 3 lengths of metal inside my mouth, and not exactly what I signed up for, but he did say, I was making progress.  24 months later, I suppose that's something????  #painkillers

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