Friday, September 13, 2019

Writer's Block ....THE GLOSS MAGAZINE!

Thank you so much Sophie Grenham, of THE GLOSS magazine,for this lovely feature today 'Writer's Block with Louise Phillips', and her absolutely stunning review of THE HIDING GAME!
“With sleek, effortless transitions, including heartfelt vignettes from Elizabeth, The Hiding Game is a page-turner right from the start. The narrative is taut as a drum, with an abundance of gripping dialogue and genuinely chilling moments. Phillips’s unique ability to pull the reader inside her head and absorb the emotions she pours onto the page is just one of her many powers.”

You can read full article HERE, but this is a short extract.....

"I have beautiful memories too. I loved watching the throngs of seagulls swoop down early morning in the washing yard, and how later, the washing yard was still a magical place, as I ran through the lines and lines of large white sheets. I think it’s partly why I became a writer, that early escape to fantasy in order to survive reality."   

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