Monday, December 6, 2010

Soundings for Simon

The Soundings Reading has now been postponed until the 13th December due to the weather conditions.

'Soundings for Simon' will take place on  Monday 6th of December at 7pm
Upstairs in the Bad Ass Café, Temple Bar, Dublin.

Some of Ireland's best poets will read their favourite poem from 'Soundings', say a few words on what it meant to them and then respond with some of their own work.
Tickets at the door €10. All proceeds will go towards the Simon Community.

Finger food and wine are free.
The line up is fantastic and will include:

Theo Dorgan
Mary O' Donnell
Maggie O' Dwyer
Padraig J Daly
Tom Conaty
Celia de Fréine

A great event and a great charity.  Not one to be missed!!!


  1. I just want to go to any cafe called Bad Ass.
    Do they have extra big seats?
    All sounds brilliant!

  2. Can't remember how big the seats are!!! But they do have a thing called 'The Big Ass Burger' on their menu, and for those that don't want to take the risk of getting an even bigger ass than they already have, there's a salad called 'The Bad Ass that got your Goat'! The poetry should be great though. Be like me of late, and ignore your family, come over and check out the seat size!!!


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