Sunday, December 19, 2010

Poetry Bus Poem - Hidden Star

This week the poetry bus driver is Weaver of Grass, which, even as a name is pure inspiration.  Visit other poetry bus riders as they enjoy the great theme of 'Star' @ http://weaverofgrass.blogspot.com/
Have a great christmas everyone.

Hidden Star

In Jerusalem the wise men followed,
the promise of something new,  
and man on clear black night looks up,
illuminates, review,

The wisdom of the life we lead,
the vastness beyond our world,
a hope , a dream, a memory ,

That we might catch,
and dance and feel,
this place, our earth, ourselves,
tiny flickers dazzling bright,

elusive star above,
within a child’s smile shines,
wrapping lonely man,
and you and I, and they and theirs,

can grasp and share,
for  in the travelling see,
the gift of life,
the vibrant star hidden inside of thee.


  1. This has a really nice flow and I was held captive from beginning to end. Much food for thought.


  2. More sockystarryiciousness!LOvely from beginning to end, but the end is great!

  3. Very timely take on this prompt!

  4. Excellent flow, and I love your play on the inner "divine spark" idea at the end. Very timely, indeed, as Karen noted!

  5. Thanks guys. Inspirational quote for inspirations times I guess!

  6. One for the week that's in it, okay! As Carolina says, it has a lovely flow. (Is it illusive or elusive? Or are they two different words?)

  7. Thanks Peter, should be an 'e'!!

  8. No, no, not illusive! Shining clear, and very lovely.

  9. Thank you for a poem that points out what happened many years in a sky over Bethlehem is still effective today. Someone here called it the divine spark, and that's what it does for me.
    Fractal stars here

  10. Thanks Titus and Enchanted Oak. Have a great Christmas.

  11. and you and I, and they and theirs

    What better way to say happy Christmas to all?

  12. Inner and outer, for sure !
    they, them and us- Thanks.
    Draw us all together...

  13. Thanks Cad & Izzy, hope you both have a great christmas.

  14. One of the few with an overtly religious theme i think - I loved it - such a wonderful variety this week.

  15. The first line surprised me,I must admit. But with a childhood layered by catholism, I guess certain things come out when I least expect them. Thanks for a great theme.


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