Sunday, December 12, 2010

Quick Novel Review

Okay, so I am now at 96,000 words, having spent my entire Saturday editing all chapters relating to the murderer in my novel, and I have to say that at times, he was really starting to grow on me, which is brilliant considering I am usually so critical of my work.  I decided last night that despite knowing all the work that was ahead of me up to the 'Friday the 17th' deadline, that I would have to give myself and my head a rest.  I ignored this after watching an hour or so of the Xfactor non-final, and wrote another chapter, which I thought, well done to you 120 socks for going the extra mile.  I then looked at the outlay of my chapters to date and realised that I had to put in another chapter at that point from a character that I was holding out until the end.

I tried an exercise that I have done a couple of times over the last eleven weeks, which is to sit in front of a blank page with no idea whatsoever of what I was going to put on it.  But like before, I was pleasantly surprised, not that they were words of literary genius, no, because I haven't even reread them, for all I know they could be absolute junk, but even if they are, I found a solution to a problem that had been bothering me for days through the medium of this chapter's character.  Then I said, 120 socks, you have exhausted yourself, you have done so much more than even you expected of yourself, let it go, rest your brain cells.

But then, I thought, why don't I just write a brief outline of the concluding chapters, nothing intense just a couple of sentences on the page that will cover the plot line to conclusion.  It was then, at about midnight, that I discovered, that I have another 9 , yes 9 chapters to go to the end!!!!

So I woke up today, head wrecked, (no surprise there) and tried to work out how I was going to write 9 chapters in one day, or roughly (considering that some of the chapters will be short), about 9,000 words, so that for the next four days, I could edit the last remaining central character,and then edit all the concluding chapters, 2 from yesterday and the 9 not even done yet, and then do a synopsis etc etc.

Okay, so for all of you two people out there that want to know.  Today, because head is wrecked and being creative and being head wrecked don't go together well, I am going to edit my final central character, all 20 chapters of her.  She moves at a pace, so fingers crossed, so will I.  Then I am going to start my day on Monday, Tuesday &Wednesday, really early, and get said 9 chapters done.  From early on Thursday, I am going to write my synopsis, one that will grab even the most cynical of readers, edit my '9-11 end chapters', and then on Friday morning, get the darn thing printed.

Scary I know, but I have no choice!!! Who mentioned Christmas????

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