Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Doggy Cool

Our Cooling Dog!
I guess we all need to cool down sometimes!   
(But he better not stay out on Christmas night!) 

See great poem below not written by yours truly,
especially for all you Santa's helpers out there that picked up a dog from one of Santa's Gift Shelters!

Christmas Returns

 Santa comes quietly long before dawn
While shops are still busy and lights are still on
While dinners are simmering and kitchens are warm
And children count presents they'll open by morn.

He slips past the trees and the windows aglow
Through the gate to the back yard as icy winds blow to find
the pup that he brought last year chained up in the snow and
kneeling he whispers, "Are you ready to go?"

There are too many stops like this one tonight
Before the beginning of his regular flight
He leaves not a note or a footprint in sight
Just an unbuckled collar on a cold Christmas night.

 ~ winner of the Maxwell Award


  1. Seasonal and a great verse into the bargain.

  2. Wonderful...you deserve that award.
    Great rhythm.

  3. hi gerry, can't claim the award, but i do agree with the sentiments within the poem.


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