Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Naming of 120socks

How to get over difficult obstacles - Just go for it! - 120 socks
(I hope this video link works)

As 2011 is approaching, I figured it is time to clear up this small mystery, as many people have asked how the name 120socks for the blog came to be.

The real credit for its creation has to go to the mad person in the green kayak, namely son of 120 socks.  So here is the story:

Having been away at a writers retreat, (see link on side bar) I was convinced by other crazy writing people in my company, that I should start a blog.
When a name was requested, I remembered how the previous week I had tidied my son's bedroom and in an effort to find a FLOOR, I had ended up picking up 120 odd socks. 

So being a person of limited imagination, 120 socks seemed as good a name as any!

Over time I have grown quite fond of it, so to the green kayak lunatic, I now say a big THANK YOU.  


  1. I thought you were just some mad knitter! I have lots of socks in my possession, but I don't think I could come up with 120 between me, my husband and my mom!
    That's the best blog-title story I've heard yet!


  2. Thanks Kat, but did the video work? Someone out there, please tell me!

  3. Love the name :o) Nearly as great as mine :o)

    Vid not working for me :(

  4. Blast and darn! Do you have real player?

  5. the video did work for me.

    Yes a legend was born on that weekend. Dodgy wireless connection notwithstanding!

  6. Cool. It looked like fun didn't it?

    A legend is right, and all thanks to you almighty one!

  7. Thanks Kat. It makes me laugh every time I look at it!

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