Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Too Close for Comfort

When you think of Niamh O’Connor, you think Successful Crime Novelist, you think True Crime Editor of the Sunday World, you think of someone who interviews high-profile criminals and their victims. A woman who regularly appears on our television screens talking about crime, helping us to understand the phenomenon of what’s happening in the darker side of Irish society, what’s happening on our streets, you think of a woman on the cutting edge who can tell a gritty crime story both in true-life and in the fictional sense - you think of a woman who can tell it as it is, because she darn well knows it.

Niamh O'Connor's latest book Too Close For Comfort hits a nerve in the Irish psyche, as I found out when I spoke to her about her brilliantly multi layered story of intrigue and lies...

Would you trust your neighbour with your life?

Read my interview with Niamh over at www.writing.ie HERE


  1. Louise, thank you so much. Niamh O'Cxx

    1. No worries, great read and enjoyed d interview - so thank u:)


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